Forgotten your Password?

If you've forgotten the password for your Rhodes student account, you may be able to set yourself a new password using this page.

Once you enter your student number below, we will send you a special one-time password via SMS to the cellphone number we've got recorded in your student record. This one-time password is then valid for 24 hours and will let you log back into ROSS and change your normal Rhodes password.

If you'd like to reset your password, please enter your student number below to start the process.

Student Number:


Note that the one-time password that you get sent can only be used to log into ROSS. You'll need to change your password before you're able to log into your e-mail, the Internet or other services.

Of course, if the cellphone number we have is wrong, this won't work ... If this is the case you'll need to visit the Student Bureau with some form of picture ID (student card, ID book, passport, etc) before you can change your password.